Sonja Tafelmeier and Vincenzo Galluzzo get to know each other in 2015. The synergy effects of their two different approaches to technology and design are not so far away: in 2016, they develop their own strategy merging design and technology, with which high-tech and high-fashion play together confidently. In the same year, Sonja & Enzo launch the high-tech fashion brand SuperConducTor with this new strategy and receive the international invitation to tender for the New York Fashion Week. In the New York headquarters of Samsung USA they present their brand in a world-wide first 4-level virtual reality fashion show.

Sonja & Enzo continue to refine the innovation in high-tech applications. They invent highly innovativ digital technologies: fingerprint controlled automatic opening and closing locking systems with interior lightning and many add-ons for smart bags and luggage.

It is obvious that smart innovations in accessories go far beyond the luxury goods market, with many possibilities for applications.

In the spring of 2017, Sonja & Enzo meet scientists and engineers from the Fraunhofer Institute in Frankfurt am Main: immediatly they inspire the institute for their innovations. Under these circumstances, Sonja & Enzo found a start-up, the Vintecal GmbH and start the technical collaboration with the institute.

Since October 2018 – after the first test bags are ready for implementing the technical innovations – the actual phase of technology elaboration begins: the ONE-TOUCH-SAFETY for smart bags and luggage is created.